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MEME's List of Acronyms:

MEME's List of Emoticons:
:-)  Standard smiley face. User is happy 

:-(  Sad face

;-)  Winky face - expressing a flirtatious
or  a 'just kidding' remark 

:->  User just made an especially mean
or sarcastic comment 

O:-)  User is angelic/just made a sweet
and innocent remark /angel at heart

:-O  Yelling or shocked. Can be typed
in bold for extra impact.

:-I  Indifferent

:^)   Profile smiley.

=)  Variation on a classic.

#-)  What a night!/has been staring
at a computer screen for 5 hours straight

:-$  Put your money where your mouth is!

:-P or :-p or :-6  Sticking tongue out (Na, na,
na na na!)

:-9  Yum!

:-@  Screaming/about to throw something

:*)  Drunk

:-# or :-X  An emoticon of many meanings -
wears braces/kiss/my lips are sealed

8-) or B-) or ::-)  Wearing glasses

B:-)  Wearing glasses on head

R-)  Broken glasses

(:-)  Bald/wearing a bike helmet

:-{}  Wears lipstick

{:-{)  Has a moustache and a toupee

@:-)  Wears a turban

$-)  Just won a large sum of money

:-T  Keeping a straight face/tight lipped

:-y  Said with a smile

:'-( or :~-(  Crying

:-Q or :-!  Smoker

%-/  Hangover

|-O  Bored/yawn

=:-)  Hosehead/punk

:-D  Big mouth/grinning

:+)  Big nose

[:-)  Walkman

;^)  Smirking

(:-D  Blabbermouth

:-&  Tongue tied

:-S  Just made a statement that didn't make sense

:-/  Skeptical

:-C  Very, very sad

%-/  Brain dead

<:-|  Dunce/just made a stupid statement

:-8(  Condescending
8-#  Dead

:@ or :{  What?

[]:*  Hugs & kisses!
@>-->--  A rose

m(_ _)m   Deep bow used for apologizing or
expressing thanks (viewed from the front).

<<<<(:-)  Dunce.
*<:-)  Santa Claus
3:*>  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

8(:-)  Mickey Mouse

:-----} Pinocchio

@@@@8^)  Marge Simpson

=(_8^(1)  Homer Simpson

38^)  Bart Simpson  

=|:-)=  Uncle Sam/Abe Lincoln

7:-)  Fred Flintstone

5:-J  Elvis 
#(,'%/)  Slept too long on one side or
Didn't have time to wash hair

%-(  Confusion

&-|   Tearful
&.(.. Crying
&:-)  Curly hair

(-.-)Zzz...  Sleeping

(:)-)  Likes to scuba dive

(}-8]  Left-handed bearded smiley with
glasses and headphones

*<8-)X   Party outfit with hat and bow-tie

+-(:-)   The Pope

/8^{~   Hair line, glasses, moustache, and goatee

3:]  Pet smiley

8:-)  Glasses on forehead

:-'  Smoker
:-'|  Has a cold

:-) ... :-( ... :-) ... :-( ...  Manic depressive

:-)-O  Smiling doctor with stethoscope

~#:-(   "I just washed my hair, and I can't do nuthin' with it."

{{-}}}  Refugee from the '60's

{:\/   Sounds/looks like a duck

{8-} Grinning mischievously (or just
d :-o   Hats off to your great idea

O+    Woman or appropriate for women 
O 8-)   The angelic halo look